Can t see samba shares windows 10

My laptop has just been replaced with another that also runs Windows 10 and therefore I re-installed WD Access. I have had the MyCloud for a few years now, it is not the new personal mycloud that was recently released. By exploring the network, I could see everything on my cloud and could delete anything and everything there.

Is this a consequence of WD Access being changed to accommodate the new product? How can I make WD Access work the way it used to for me? Thankyou very much for the quick reply.

can t see samba shares windows 10

I made the change and restarted the computer, but unfortunately the symptoms have not changed … Greg. Whoops, I had not re-run wd access before testing. All is ok, thankyou so much, you have made my day! Right now it does not work, I have checked that the SMB 1.

Any ideas please? TIA … Greg. This fix has been unsatisfactory. Why does accessing the cloud have to be so hard? I am struggling with this exact same issue. Have been researching web for last 3 days and trying various fixes with no success.

Does anyone have a new answer? I used to have this access. Cloud icon is not present in storage section. Just see a flat square file icon that wont open. Just sends me to web interface. In media part of file explorer the wd icon is there. This sends me to twonky on web server. So pc knows its there but is unable to read and access the file structure having been able to in the past. Tried SMB 1. Tried a few other suggestions I found on line.

Any help appreciated. Nothing suggested so far works for me. I had swapped my router due to router failure. The new router was allocating a different IP address every time router was rebooted and Zone alarm firewall was blocking access.

All resolved when I allocated a fixed IP address and saved My cloud as trusted network in zone firewall. I think zone alarm would not shut off access immediately but had shut it down on my next refresh of file explorer. WD Access is the program that usually sits in the system tray.

LIke other posters, I find the operation of the Cloud unpredictable … Greg.CIFS Common Internet File System is a protocol that gained popularity around the yearas vendors worked to establish an Internet Protocol-based file-sharing protocol. CIFS used the client-server programming model in which a client program makes a request of a server program -- usually in another computer -- to access a file or pass a message to a program that runs in the server computer.

The server takes the requested action and returns a response. NFS is a client-server application that permits transparent file sharing between servers, desktops, laptops and other devices.

Using NFS, users can store, view and update files remotely as though they were on their own computer. The SMB application-layer network protocol has been around since the s.

However, CIFS was considered a chatty protocol that was buggy and had issues with network latency. The protocol was also hard to maintain and not very secure because of the large number of commands and subcommands it processed.

SMB 2. The 2. SMB 3. It also introduced better security mechanisms, such as end-to-end encryption and the Advanced Encryption Standard AES algorithm.

It also uses the SHA hash for preauthentication integrity checks. These features include:. SMB is widely used for accessing files and folders on Windows networks. Although the CIFS protocol is probably most often associated with Microsoft, there are open source versions of the protocol available. A user might, for example, open Windows File Explorer and attempt to access a shared folder. The first step in accessing a shared resource is that the client establishes a NetBIOS session with the server using a full duplex TCP session over port CIFS messages can then be transmitted across this session.

With the NetBIOS session in place, the client and server perform a negotiation process in which they determine which dialect will be used. This command effectively transmits to the server a list of the dialects that the client understands.The SMB 1. The problem of not displaying network computers in Windows 10 Workgroup environment began to appear since the Windows 10 Creators Update.

After upgrading to this or newer Windows 10 build, your computer may stop seeing neighboring computers when viewing devices in Network item of File Explorer. You can see the list of computers in the network environment in the File Explorer or with the command:. And when you click on the Network icon in Windows 10 File Explorer, this error is displayed:. Advanced sharing settings. Make sure that in the Private network profile section the following options checked:.

Click the network icon and verify that the Make this PC discoverable option is enabled. To enable the Network Discovery traffic on Windows 10 Defender Firewall, you must run the following command in the elevated command prompt:.

In some cases, Windows computer may not be displayed in the network environment due to incorrect workgroup settings. Try to re-add this computer to the workgroup. After that, you need to restart the computer. Most likely your local network was recognized as Public. You need to change the network location to Private. Open the Network and verify that you are now seeing the neighboring Windows computers. Then restart your computer.

Windows should automatically detect your network adapter and install the appropriate drivers. In this case, all old protocol settings for the network card will be reset. Also, check whether the following services are running they should be in the automatic startup state to correctly display your network environment.

Run the services. In addition, Windows 10 computers no longer displayed in the network environment of the File Explorer when viewing network devices. However, this can be fixed. The fact is that a separate Function Discovery Provider Host service is responsible for discovering neighboring computers on a Windows 10 network. Another service, Function Discovery Resource Publicationis responsible for discovering of your computer. After installing the latest Windows 10 builds, these services can be disabled the startup type is changed from Automatic to Disabled.

If these services are stopped, the computer is not discovered on the network by other computers and cannot see others. You can enable the network discovery services in Windows 10 as follows. After rebooting, other computers on the local network will be able to discover this computer and its resources shared network printers and folders. It happens that problems with displaying computers in a network environment are related to the Computer Browser service.

This service is responsible for generating and maintaining a list of active computers on the local network. In the local network there can be only one computer with the role of the Master Browser.

You can identify current Master Browser in your network by running the following command for each computer in your network:. In Windows 10the Computer Browser service works incorrectly. It is recommended to completely disable this service on Windows 10 and use the computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8. You can set the Master Browser computer via the registry. The Computer Browser service is responsible for compiling the list of computers on the network and displaying them this discovery protocol is widely used before switching to the SSDP and WS-Discovery protocols.

If you have only computers with Win 10 and newer in your local network see the table of SMB versionsand you still want to use the Computer Browser, you must enable the SMB v1. This computer will be used as the Master Browser on your network.If you are reading this article it means you have a network at home or office with Windows and Linux hosts or have created a virtual network using VirtualBox and need to send files between a Linux host to Windows.

When messing with system files, it is always better to make a backup of the file we are about to change. To backup, the file before changing it, make a copy of the file. If you are setting this on a Ubuntu server you can use vim or nano to edit smb. Technically Samba shares can be placed anywhere on the filesystem as long as the permissions are correct, but adhering to standards is recommended.

Write privileges are allowed only when the value is no, as is seen in this example. If the value is yes, then access to the share is read only. Create the directory and change permissions from the terminal —.

How To Configure SAMBA Server And Transfer Files Between Linux & Windows

The -p switch tells mkdir to create the entire directory tree if it does not exist. Finally, restart the samba services to enable the new configuration: sudo systemctl restart smbd. To check that everything is working try creating a directory from Windows. Just make sure that the directory you want to share actually exists and the permissions are correct.

Share with us. So even if you ONLY have Linux based machines, in order to share files between them you need to have SAMBA installed and configured as well as a master browser … you neglected to mention that last little detail.

From a practical perspective NTFS is obsolete. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this. Thank you! Ok Read More. Passwordless Login Vs. Primary Menu LinuxAndUbuntu. Note that all commands Server or Desktop must be run as a root. Path: the path of the directory to be shared. Sohail Mohd Sohail is a web developer and a Linux sysAdmin. He also loves to write how-to articles, applications reviews and loves to use new Linux distributions.

Sohail October 16, at pm Thanks for notifying me regarding the article. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Go to mobile version.The specific actions that you need to take depend on the error that appears in Windows 10 when you trying to access the shared folder, and on the settings of the remote SMB server that hosts the network shares. Starting with the Windows 10 build Fall Creators Update Enterprise and Education editionsusers began to complain that when they tried opening a network shared folder on a nearby computer, an error appeared:.

These policies help protect your PC from unsafe or malicious devices on the network. Moreover, on other computers with Windows 8. The point is that in modern versions of Windows 10 starting from buildthe guest access to the shared folders using the SMBv2 protocol is disabled by default. Guest anonymous means access to a shared network folder without authentication. In this case, Microsoft recommends changing the settings on a remote computer or NAS device that hosts the network folders.

It is advisable to switch the network share to the SMBv3 mode. Or configure access with authentication if only the SMBv2 protocol is supported by the device.

This is the most correct and safest way to fix the problem. Depending on the device on which network folders are stored, you must disable guest access on them:. There is another way — you can change the settings on your Windows 10 computer to allow access to shared network folders under the guest account.

This method should be used only as a temporary workaround!!! To enable access under the guest account from your computer, you need to use the Group Policy Editor gpedit. Find and enable the policy Enable insecure guest logons. In Windows 10 Home, which does not have a local GPO editoryou can make a similar change through the registry editor with the command:.

Another possible problem when accessing a network folder from Windows 10 is server-side support of the SMBv1 protocol only. Since the SMBv1 client is disabled by default in Windows 10 and newer, when you try to open the shared folder, you may get an error:. The error message clearly shows that the network shared folder supports access over the SMBv1 protocol only.

CIFS (Common Internet File System)

If you use Samba server on Linux to share network folders, you can specify the minimum supported version of SMB protocol in the smb. On Windows 8.

But this is not recommended!!! In this example, I enabled only the SMBv1 client.

can t see samba shares windows 10

After installing the SMBv1 client, you should be able to connect to a shared folder or printer without any problems. However, you should understand that using this workaround is not recommended, because this reduces the level of protection for your system.

This share requires the obsolete SMB1 protocol, which is unsafe and could expose your system to attack.Shriners Hospitals For Children Open Golf Betting Tips Who will take home the winnings from Las Vegas this week.

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can t see samba shares windows 10

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Can’t Access/Map Network Shared Folders over SMB from Windows 10

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