Tune choice in utterance-initial vocatives in asturian eduardo garcía

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How to teach Spanish with Authentic Songs

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Miguel Llobet: original recordings introduced by Robert Spencer

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These events will also be an opportunity for non-native English speakers to practice and improve their language skills. Metro: Chueca. Courses 20 November 11am Open Mon-Sat Inside: How to teach Spanish with authentic music, in the middle and high school classroom. Fresh from living in Peru and head over heels for the language and culture, I sat down with the textbook.

Apparently, for the first half of Spanish I, we would learn classroom objects, articles, greetings, and regular verbs. How did authentic songs fit in? I tried out some of my favorite music in class anyway, but it kind of bombed. We were listening to noise. Extremely catchy noise, but nothing comprehensible. I reverted to grammar songs and conjugation jingles.

They were cute, but I was feeding my students the parts: hoping one day all the pieces would come together into the whole language I wanted them to acquire. Then I finally got that I needed to start with whole, intact, understandable language.

Real-life communication is the goal, and songs became more accessible because we were learning high-frequency verbs right away. I saw how comprehensible input and authentic resources could work together.

My students could acquire authentic language and real-life skills like getting the gist of a text and picking familiar words out from unfamiliar word.

My job was to introduce songs with the language we needed, and find a way to make it comprehensible. Just here looking for music suggestions? Keep on reading or give it a listen! How will the song connect to your current targets?

Will it be a cultural connection? Do you want to focus on certain phrases or vocabulary? Here are some huge lists of authentic Spanish songs I came up with for Spanish 1Spanish 2and Spanish 2. How much of the song can you use? I really think that songs are the best way to hook students to content just above their proficiency level.

You can, of course, explain the entire song or provide a translation. Your students might not understand everything, but esto no me gusta and te estaba buscando get repeated a bazillion times and they never forget those phrases.

If you are using a grammar-based approach, this is a good way to help set patterns; if you are CI-based, it helps to cement target structures from a different context. How can you bridge the gap from what your students know, to the song? This will of course depend on how much of the song you plan to use and teach.

Focus on the parts you want them to know, and summarize the parts in between so they get the gist of the lyrics. Circle the phrases you want to emphasize, asking personalized questions to the students. In La bicicleta, for example, Shakira says, puedo ser feliz… I pause there, and we discuss. We will listen to the songs many times, so there is plenty of time to study different parts. If the song video shows the story, they can match the re-written paragraphs to the scenes in the movie.

I think songs are one of the best uses of authentic resources. While most of the time I want class to be comprehensible, music is a good way to get students to take risks and try to derive meaning from something above their level.

Give them a phrase to draw for each part. Then, play the song. Each time they hear the phrase they drew, make a tally mark and check numbers after the song. Or, mix it up with movement: students stand up, or do a motion when they hear that term.China Directory.

Toggle navigation Digital Repository. Abstract This semester-long study examined the functions for which English L1 and Spanish L2 were used in two intact hybrid Spanish as a foreign language FL university classes at the fourth semester level.

Five minutes classes of two instructors were observed by the researcher, video- and audio-recorded, and transcribed. A survey was also used to determine the functions for which the instructors and students believed that Spanish and English were used in the classroom, and the functions for which both believed that the two languages should be used. Talking about a test and teaching grammar were the functions for which both instructors used the most English and the most Spanish.

The questionnaire results indicated that the students who heard more Spanish in the classroom would have preferred that their instructor had used less Spanish for the functions of checking how well students understand a reading in class as well as when giving instructions or explaining how to do group activities.

The Minnesota Language Proficiency Assessment for listening at the Intermediate-High level was administered to the students of both instructors at the beginning and at the end of the semester. However, the results of the study revealed no significant relationship between the amount of Spanish used by the instructors in the classroom and the students' progress on listening proficiency from the beginning to the end of the semester.

Full Text Are you sure you want to delete this item? This can not be undone! Delete Item No way! Don't Delete! This semester-long study examined the functions for which English L1 and Spanish L2 were used in two intact hybrid Spanish as a foreign language FL university classes at the fourth semester level.

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